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The Winterlong

by God Macabre

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Deluxe reissue of this classic Swedish death metal album from 1993!

Completely remastered with unheard bonus track and expanded packaging!

Deluxe super limited LP version on gold/black vinyl with exclusive poster available only from .

"the most overlooked forefathers of the Swedish death metal style," - All Music


released June 10, 2014

Relapse Records



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God Macabre Sweden

God Macabre formed in the end of the 80's under the name Macabre End. In 1991 they changed their name to God Macabre and released one song for the Pantalgia compilation and an album through the small German label Mangled Beyond Recognition Records before splitting up. In the year 2002 the album was remastered, remixed and re-released through the American Relapse Records. ... more

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Track Name: Into Nowhere
To attain the nirvana of souls
enter their path and be forgiven
Drown the spirit in hate
free oneself-reincarnate. . .
Hear the words of life
spoken upon the wind
Come, rise with the darkness
a floating eternity

Purify. . .
Cleanse the soul. . .
Thank you, Master. . .

Salvation for sins
in all holy is found
Go fly blindly (with me)
into the end of infinity
hear the sound of nothing
watch the clouds turn black
Far away the sun fades. . .
. . . into nowhere . . .

Purify. . .
Cleanse thy soul. . .
Thank you, Master. . .

Where am I now?
Oh, please God help me. . .
It’s so cold in the dark. . .
Get me free
Track Name: Lost
A lesser creation
through increasing hate
Deny this mortal life
to desolation relate

Lost and stumbling
in dreams astray
Shadows of emotions
broaden thus way

For the closing moment
caressing me so softly
Silent voices call
winds whisper my name

Unfold, spirits appear
dancing, shining abstract
Godforsaken saints. . .

Lost. . .

Fuck Jesus Christ. . .

A lesser creation
Through increasing hate
Deny this mortal life
to desolation relate

Lost and stumbling
in dreams astray
Shadows of emotions
broaden thus way
Track Name: Ashes Of Mourning Life
the power to create
A gift of birth through flesh
Life so painfully built
Brought to this futile world. . .

Drowned in sorrows. . .
Mourning the life. . .
Which sleeps eternally. . .

Dreams so easily drained
When veins are frozen cold
Frustration to not control
The last moment of sorrow

Drowned in sorrows. . .
Mourning the life. . .
Which sleeps eternally. . .

A repulsive foolishness
To not perceive mans triviality
Nothing can escape. . .
. . .it’s destiny

What man can’t understand
Won’t be accepted. . .
The macabre weakness of fear
For the silence beyond life. . .
Track Name: Spawn Of Flesh
Hung up in the slaughterhouse
Man’s most vicious machine
Innocent lives are ended here
To serve you as a meal

Spawn of flesh
Consuming meat
Corporate death…

Bodies are pilled in hundreds
Spilled blood on the factory floor
Horrified Screams of utter pain
And humanity is shown the door

Spawn of flesh
Consuming meat
Corporate death…

Koshery – The ultimate way
Blood drains in a terrifying death
Choking in a true nightmare
Staring, twisting for your last breath…

Innocent animals living their life
Never to see the sun
And you are the responsible one
For each day consuming meat

Spawn of flesh
Consuming meat
Corporate death…
Track Name: In Grief
Now let me pass away
in a final blasphemy
To life and the pointless
from what I long to be. . .

Free. . .

Groan for life
as it should be
And in grief
I understand the wonder me. . .

In the name of hate
give me strength to carry on

I kneel in front of me
your gods will never be

Shivering I reclaim those days
absolve from being deferred
Do What Thou Wilt. . .
I thrive in this world
Track Name: Life’s Verge
Now entering the hollow
The departing of sanity
Through deepening twilight
And beyond the unholy

Life's Verge

Caress of the night
At the threshold all is lost
Redemption must follow
Such is the law of flesh

Life's Verge

Into hells cold embrace
And the rotting penance
Consumed by the dark
Death will lead the way

All life now ends…
Track Name: Consumed By Darkness
Coldness drags me down,
I am consumed by darkness
Open my mouth to scream
Silence appears as I'm drowning...

Streams take me deeper,
The light from above is fading
Slowly I'm closing my eyes
Forever to be, one of thee...
Track Name: Ceased To Be
I can’t face the day
When I will decay
So I search for
The eternal fount

I try to believe and understand
In what I’ve learned
But I can’t get rid of the thought
That questions is all I’ve learned

Is there a life beyond the sun
And will I be the One
To enter a paradise after life?

A bitter wind is struggling
And my beliefs are fading away
Is their light just lies?
Is beneath the place I’ll stay?

(…is their light just lies?)

Now I trust noone but myself
My mind makes me strong
And you’ll never convince me
that what I do is wrong…